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Feldenkrais In Person classes and workshops

I offer Feldenkrais Method classes both in-person across the UK and Ireland,
and virtually through online sessions.

“Get up, Get on down”

Sunday 26th May, 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Ennis Yoga Studio, Friary Lane (behind Abbey Street), Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.

Are you noticing that getting up from the sofa or the floor is getting more difficult? Are you straining (even groaning) when you get up or down? The good news is that getting older doesn’t have to mean more aches and pains. And there’s even better news: we can reverse this process and learn to become more agile at any age.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to transition between different levels – from the floor, to sitting, to standing. By slowing down and paying attention to how you move and where you can let go of tension and effort, these everyday movements can become more simple, fluid and elegant.

€35 per person or €30 for an early bird booking
(payment to be received by Monday 20th May).

Feldenkrais and Yoga Retreat

1st to 3rd November, Spanish Point, County Clare
with Michèle Ryan & Kate Hilder
A weekend retreat with two teachers offering different but complementary approaches to movement and self-awareness.

Michèle Ryan and Kate Hilder have nearly 50 years of teaching experience between them. They are fascinated by how we can use our attention to improve our ease, comfort and joy of movement and feel more at home in our bodies. Both have a gentle and allowing approach to teaching and enjoy combining their knowledge to offer this unique workshop.

This retreat is for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility, balance, posture and breathing. With a focus on simplicity and presence you will experience how these two approaches interweave to enhance your self-understanding, emotional well-being and physical comfort.

Through the Feldenkrais explorations you will become aware of habits that may be limiting your yoga practice and learn how to bring more ease to your practice by reducing effort, increasing sensitivity, and expanding your attention to your whole self as you move. The yoga sessions will include asanas (physical practice), pranayama (breathing), yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation.

The retreat takes place in Spanish Point in West Clare, a stunning location on the Atlantic Coast. The bedrooms are single, and the practice room and most of the bedrooms have sea views. There will be opportunities during the day to explore the surrounding area.

Friday 5pm to Sunday 2pm

Spirituality House, Breaffy South, Spanish Point, Co. Clare, V95 E0W7.

Contact Kate at info@katehilder.com for more info.

“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.”

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Classes

Feldenkrais classes are called Awareness through Movement®. You’ll be guided, by the verbal instructions of the teacher, through a series of intriguing movement explorations usually lying on a mat but sometimes in sitting and standing. Each class promises a novel experience due to the wide array of lessons designed by Moshe Feldenkrais. Through increasing your attention and decreasing your effort you’ll learn how to unravel unwanted movement habits and discover new, efficient and more graceful ways of moving and engaging in life.

This holistic approach promises emotional as well as physical benefits and a profound connection with oneself.

I teach classes and workshops both online and in person. See Classes/Workshops for more info.
Try this 20 minute Awareness through Movement class here.

Individual Lessons

Functional integration® is a one-to-one Feldenkrais session where the practitioner guides you through different movement patterns using touch. Every session is unique as it’s in response to your needs and questions, whether you suffer from chronic tension and pain, you want to improve your balance, co-ordination or posture or you simply want to move with more freedom.
After an initial chat, we will investigate movements while sitting and standing related to the questions you have. You will then lie down, fully clothed, on a low, wide table and we will continue this exploration using gentle touch. At the end, I may suggest movements to practise at home in order to integrate the learning from the session into your daily living.
The first session is around 75 minutes, with subsequent ones lasting an hour.
I offer individual lessons in Ennis and Limerick in Ireland and in Seaton, East Devon in the UK as well as online.
Online sessions include observing how you move and verbally guiding you through movements which address your habitual holding patterns. You will receive a recording of each session that you can return to in your own time.