Presence & Spark Workshop London

Presence & Spark, 9th & 10th June 2018
This workshop is for anyone who wants to discover new ways of moving, sounding, interacting and being in the world. It is also for performers who want to expand their on-stage presence.

The Feldenkrais Method is a movement and awareness practice which encourages the unravelling of physical and mental habits. It opens up new movement and vocal possibilities and accesses our innate spontaneity. By paying attention to your sensory experience you will discover a quietness within – a receptive state which frees you to respond to your inner and outer world moment to moment, without busy mental activity.

During the weekend we will explore various themes, including how different qualities of vision affect our intention, how the alignment of our bones and tension of our muscles affect our emotional state, imagination and character and how the freedom of our neck and jaw can affect the colour and range of our voice and narratives.

There will be lots of time to play, to improvise, to watch each other and experience the joy of being deeply in our bodies.

No previous experience of the Feldenkrais Method or Improvisation is necessary to enrol for this course.

Venue: London Buddhist Arts Centre, Bullards Place, E2 0PT (nearest tube is Bethnal Green)

Cost: £120 (£95 if deposit received by 18th May)

More Info: contact Kate at info@katehilder.com